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Playstation Allstars Battle Royal Patch Details (8)


Release: 08.12.2012 (Version 1.02)

Quelle: gamezone.de | superbotent.com

- A new item, Medusa's Gaze, has been added to the game

- View Invites has been added to the Party Bar Menu

- Voice chat icon added to loading screens

- AI logic enhancements

- Network performance improvements

- Sackboy changes

Release: 2012

Quelle: gamepro.de | gamezone.de

- In Level 3 ist es nicht mehr möglich, den Angriffe von Zeus auszuweichen, indem man sich im Wasser versteckt

- Ein Problem mit dem Interface der Vita-Version

- Korrigiert den Fehler des Patches 1.02

Jetzt kann das Spiel wieder Solo wie auch im Multiplayer gespielt werden

- Behoben wurde auch einige Online-Bugs

Release: (Version 1.05)

Quelle: gamepro.de | superbotent.com

- Raiden: Reaction on forward throw changed from crumple to flatten

- Drake: Increased start up on Cover Wall & Ability to chain Blind Fire to Run and Gun Retreat removed

- Kratos: Combat Grapple recovery time on block and whiff increased

Combat Grapple homing angle decreased (The targeting angle has been reduced from 70° to 45° which has reduced the effective area from 140° down to 90° total.)


- Network stability improved

- 2v2 match summary disconnect fixed

- AP orbs not always awarded online fixed

- Store button added to Main Menu

- Fix to ensure all players will be awarded proper titles at the end of a season

- Fixed belt display on Quick Match loading screen

Release:  (Version 1.07)

Quelle: gamepro.de | superbotent.com

- New Characters!: Kat from Gravity Rush & Emmett Graves from Starhawk

- New Levels: Fearless, based on Heavenly Sword and Wipeout & The Rivalry Level is now selectable

New Minions:

- 18 downloadable minions are now available for purchase.

- Two free unlockable minions are now available: Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet & Clank & Curtis the Panda from Carnival Island

- Kat and Emmett Graves are available for free for a limited time!

- Fearless is free-to-play online only; you must purchase for offline play.

Release: 02.03.2013 (Version 1.08)

Quelle: superbotent.com

New Minions!

 - 18 additional downloadable minions are now available for purchase.

- Two free unlockable minions are now available.

- Chimera from Resistance

- Tag from ModNation Racers

New DLC Costumes

- Warrior of Apollo (Kratos)

- Ninja Princess (Fat Princess)

- Jailbird (Sly Cooper)

- Prom King (PaRappa)

- Deep Sea Nathan Drake (Nathan Drake)

- Wrestler (Sackboy)

Release: 19.03.2013 (Version 1.09)

Quelle: playstationlifestyle.net

General Combat Changes:

- Characters can not Block or Evade until frame 5 after landing during an air attack;

Previously they were able to do so on the first frame if landing during air attacks

- Characters have been standardized to not be able to Super until frame 12 after landing during an air attack

- While blocking a hit while already in Block Hit reaction, character’s X velocity no longer gets set to zero

Character changes:

Big Daddy

- Air Forward Triangle has 11 additional frames of start up

- Air Down Square now gains 20 AP (up from 10), and victim’s reaction is reduced by 3 frames

- Level 1 Super now has an additional hit volume that occurs on frame 36 and causes a Butt Drop reaction.

Little Sister will then land as a killing blow to most victims of this earlier hit

- Level 2 Super – Triangle attacks are sped up

Big Daddy Level 3 Super:

- Attacks now breakout 6 frames earlier

- Attacks now become active on frame 9 (previously 12)

- Adjusted hit volume on attack to be more centered around Big Daddy

- Victims can now swim faster

- Fixed a bug where floating characters would get stuck upon entering Infinite Avoidance

Good Cole

- Forward Square -> Square hit volume enlarged to hit small characters even if they are in Crumple reaction

- Moved 4 frames of recovery time from the Neutral Triangle attack state to the exit state

- Lowered recovery of ground neutral circle to 20 from 28 frames

- Level 3 Super – Movement speed of tornado has been increased


- Dante can change his facing direction between attacks during his Square and Forward Square Combo

- Up Square is now jump-cancellable on both active frames

- Air Neutral Square hit volumes adjusted to combo more consistently against short characters

- Down Square (Helm Breaker) generates 20 AP now (previously 10)

- Up Triangle has 2 more frames before Dante can cancel into the Counter (Neutral Circle)

- Neutral Circle (Counter) has reduced active time (25 frames, down from 30) and increased recovery by 5

- Level 1 Super cost reduced to 125 (previously 150)

- Level 2 Super cost reduced to 325 (previously 400)


- Up Triangle – Explosion is now only active for 5 frames (previously 15)

- Up Square – Explosion is now only active for 5 frames (previously 15)

- Level 1 Super hit volume reduced (from 2.25 meters to 1.85 meters)

- Level 3 Super – Drake and the Descendants now become controllable at the same time, 50 frames after the Super is initiated

Drake Neutral Circle (Barrel)

- No longer explodes if countered or destroyed by opponents

- Increased size of hurtbox

- Explosion is now only active for 5 frames (previously 30)

- Lifetime reduced 24 frames

- Teammates will no longer cause damage to barrel

- If Drake is hit by twitch attacks while creating the barrel, the barrel will still come out

Emmett Graves

- Level 2 Super cost reduced to 325 (previously 350)

Evil Cole

- Forward Square -> Square hit volume enlarged to hit small characters even if they are in a Crumple reaction

- Moved 4 frames of recovery time from the Neutral Triangle attack state to the exit state

- Neutral Triangle Overload has an increased explosion hit box (from 5 meters to 5.5 meters).

Evil Cole also recovers from the Overload state after 40 frames (previously 70)

- Neutral Circle max punch start-up increased by 4 frames from 6 to 10, super armor reduced to 10 AP,

active hitbox decreased from 13 to 11, increased recovery by 2 frames

- Stand and Air Up Circle AP standardized to 5, 5, 20

- Up Throw trajectory changed to no longer allow guaranteed follow up into Level 1 Super

- Level 2 Super start-up reduced from 26 frames to 16

- Level 2 Super now blows up it’s victims much faster, but it can be extended to the full length by holding R2.

You also now drain AP from the victims as you grab them, instead of at the very end of the super

Fat Princess

- Neutral Square now causes Light Overhead reaction and gains 5 AP

- Armor does not activate until frame 6 (was frame 1) on Charge Up Neutral Square

- Air Forward Circle (Summon Warrior) now has 21 additional frames of start-up as well as longer recovery

- If Fat Princess summons any assists in the air she will land in the Attack Land state instead of the normal land state

- Level 3 Super - Increased number of mages and bombs that show up and removed delay of warriors showing up


- Up Square – Will not collide with other players for the first 26 frames of the attack allowing second hit to hit easier if first hit whiffs

- Air Up Triangle – Now gains 20 AP (previously 10)

- VFX for Wind God Fist and Electric Wind God Fist changed to be more distinguishable

- Level 2 Super will no longer be extended if Heihachi is hit by a freeze missile


- Air Forward Square now activates on frame 6, so it no longer drives through opponents

- Neutral Triangle – Now causes a heavy reaction and gains 20 AP (previously 10.) Has faster

start-up (20 frames, previously 28) and increased recovery (18 frames, previously 8)

- Air and Stand Forward Triangle – Last hit no longer causes Eject Roll and each shot now gains 6 AP (previously 10);

 In addition, the shots fire faster faster (12 frames apart, down from 15) and travel 2 meters less (down to 9 meters);

 You can also hold the button down to continue to fire

- Air and Stand Neutral Circle (Drone) now bounces off of walls and level bounds instead of exploding on contact;

Also lasts 1 second longer so that it can fire a total of 21 shots (previously 12) The shots also have an

increased lifetime (from 0.225 seconds to 0.3).

- Air and Stand Forward Circle has increased range (~8 meters) and speed, causes a Mini-Launch Lift reaction, and will gain 20 AP (previously 10)

- Air and Stand Up Circle has has a reduced start up (25 frames, previously 41) and 2 frames more frames of recovery

- Down Circle has a reduced hit volume (50% smaller) and no longer hits behind Jak

- Level 1 Super cost reduced to 125 (previously 150)


- Is now considered on the ground for the first 10 frames of jumping (previously 9)

- Kat’s Backwards Roll now works like the rest of the cast

- Ground Down Square’s reaction caused is 1 frame less (50 to 49) and Down Triangle cancel times have increased by

1 frame (9 to 10 frames) to prevent Down Square, Down Triangle->Square infinite.

- Level 1 Super will no longer kill people who have a Gravity Shield

Release: 03.04.2013 (Version 1.10)

Quelle: insidevita.de | superbotent.com

- Neue Charakter: Isaac Clarke von Dead Space und Zeus von God of War

- Neues Levels aus Unfinished Swan und MediEvil

- Zusammen 1,124 GB

Release: 08.04.2014

Quelle: gamezone.de | gamezone.de | playstation.com

- Balancing aller Chars | Details

- Leaderborad System wird überabeitet

- Ausserdem bekommen Dante, Raiden, Heihachi, Big Daddy neue Kostüme

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