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Awesomenauts Patch Details (1)


Release: 23.07.2012

Quelle: gamezone.de | awesomenouts.com

- Many fixes to the leaderboards. Since rankings were very broken before,

they have now been reset, while played/wins statistics will remain in place.

 New rankings numbers will be around 10,000 instead of around 1,000.

- Several network fixes to reduce the number of Network Errors.

- Sometimes characters would be slowed as if they were still shooting. This has been improved.

- Players now never get a leave penalty when they leave a match that has no human players in the enemy team.

-Many statistics of items have been changed to show the correct value.

- Med-i'-can price: 180 > 150

- Power pills turbo now upgrades into 3 stages each stage provides 30 health

- Power pills now add 30 health and costs no Solar

- Fixed a rare crash when a Clunk with very low health who is charging his Detonation skill

is interrupted and killed by Leonís tongue.

This only happened on PS3 and only on the server when at least one of the two was a bot.