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Ascend: Hand of Kul Update Details (2)


Release: 19.11.2013

Quelle: xboxdynasty.de

New Content

- Head over to Forge and let the Sanctum Fires replenish your equipped gear

- Are you ready to test your skills in The Endless Dungeon?

- Updated messaging in Loading Content screen so you can now see progress


- Resolved the disconnect issues. Fewer drops means more playtime for you, hooray!

- Progress blocking bugs have now been resolved

- Fixed Rapid light attack exploit

Release: 30.12.2013

Quelle: insidegames.ch | xboxdynasty.de

- Increased download speed on title screen

- Fixed infinite loading issue at title screen

- Fixed Endless Dungeon exploit with barriers

- Fixed Endless Dungeon crashes

- Fixed warp out of Forge, leaving hammer in hand

- Fixed Forge animation issue

- Fixed weekly Shield of the Gods timer

- Fixed customizer body part purchases not being tracked in leaderboards

- Fixed audio issue in Cliffs

- No more invasions while in dungeons