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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Update Details (3)


Release: ca. 02.12.2013

Quelle: xbox-newz.de | gamepro.de

- neue Anti-Aliasing Technik verbessert die Grafik

- 401 MB groß

Release: 20.12.2013


- Neue Addons hinzugefügt

- Allgemeine Verbesserung des Spiels

- 974 MB groß

Release: 11.02.2014

Quelle: gamezone.de | xboxdynasty.de


- Fixed the situation where the prey had an empty multi-target screen when joining in progress

- Fix on the situation where the players had invisible parts on their character.

- Fixes on the HUD in the Manhunt mode

- Fixed the situation where the target portrait displayed the pursuer instead of the target

- Fixed the situation where the emblem overlaped the figurine mode in certain conditions

- Fix on the aerial kill animation

- Fix on the Accolades for the host

- Fix on the "Ground finish" animations

- Fix on the camera during the character selection

- Fix on the Animus Hack and Minor Hack FXs

- Fix on Booby Trap FX on chasebreakers


- Fixed the situation where the user could not kill or stun while both assassin and target were near a corner

- Fixed the situation where the 1st sync-kill didn't trigger in certain circumstances

- Fixed the situation where character freezed for a brief moment before getting killed by an assassin hidden in a haystack

- Fix on the daily boost

- Fixed the situation where the timer remained stuck on Assassinate

- Fixed the situation where the character customization was not saved after a reboot

- Fixed the situation where some zones could not be captured from an inclined terrain

- Fixed the situation where the teleport ability triggered a trail which pointed out the direction in which the target had teleported


- Fix on the intro videos of the Wolfpack

- We fixed the Wolfpack extra objectives.

- Fix on the accolades in Wolfpack

- Fixed inconsistencies on the score gauge in Wolfpack

- Fixed the situation where the host of a wolfpack session would have been kicked out of the session if players were in a idle state


- Fixed the situation where double notification sound could be heard when submitting the Uplay account information

- Fixed the situation where the respawn sound was played after a stun.

- Fix on the HighWind sound on Plantation

- Fix on the rain sound FX

- Fix on the Animus Voice


- We fixed various issues pushing players into limited mode

- Fixed issues causing crashes and freezes

- Fix on the events playlist

- Various fixes on the death cam

- Various fixes on the menus

- Various fixes on the contract system

- Fix on the freerun

- Fixes on the customization menu

- 1,775 GB groß