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Awesomenauts Update Details (1)


Release: 23.07.2012

Quelle: gamezone.de | awesomenouts.com

- Many fixes to the leaderboards. Since rankings were very broken before,

they have now been reset, while played/wins statistics will remain in place.

 New rankings numbers will be around 10,000 instead of around 1,000.

- Several network fixes to reduce the number of Network Errors.

- Sometimes characters would be slowed as if they were still shooting. This has been improved.

- Players now never get a leave penalty when they leave a match that has no human players in the enemy team.

-Many statistics of items have been changed to show the correct value.

- Med-i'-can price: 180 > 150

- Power pills turbo now upgrades into 3 stages each stage provides 30 health

- Power pills now add 30 health and costs no Solar

- 4 MB groß